Investment Strategy

We see opportunity where others see complexity.

Focus. We focus on assets that are trapped in illiquid ownership structures and encumbered by litigation, debt, or other restrictions. We believe these types of assets provide an attractive, and often overlooked, investment opportunity. After acquiring assets, we have been able to unlock value through fund restructurings, litigation, and active management of underlying holdings.


Comprehensive Approach. We spend the time necessary to complete a thorough analysis of potential acquisitions, and develop solutions that provide satisfactory results to all parties. Our pursuit of relevant information in connection with each transaction is a fundamental characteristic of our investment team. Because we approach transactions by carefully listening to the specific challenges of our trading partners, and because we possess the ability to assess the risks involved, we have been able to close transactions that others have passed over.


Creative and Flexible Solutions. Once invested, we collaborate with existing limited partners, managers, boards of directors, and portfolio company management teams to solve financial, structural and legal problems. We use a variety of post-acquisition strategies to generate returns, including participating on management boards, engaging in conflict resolution, providing proper incentives to managers, and actively managing assets toward liquidity.

Investment Criteria

We specialize in assets that are held in complicated and illiquid structures.

Typical Investments

Illiquid residual interests in hedge funds
Real estate and private equity fund interests and restructurings
Hard-to-sell assets owned by funds
Private joint ventures or other vehicles
Minority interests in operating alternative management firms
“Off-the-run” non-performing loans
Other illiquid investments with no apparent exit strategy


Common Complications

Litigation claims
Conflicting parties
Legal restructuring
Working capital constraints
Investor liquidity issues
Assets in estate planning vehicles


Target Equity Investment Size

Between $10 and $50 million


We invest globally, with a primary focus on assets held in North America and Europe.

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